Bakos & Kritzer views every client as having the potential to benefit from the ever-growing global marketplace. It is one goal of the firm to educate its clients to view intellectual property as an asset capable of facilitating worldwide growth. Intellectual property is a dynamic resource and while expending resources is necessary to develop a prolific and robust intellectual property portfolio, the firm has shown its clients how to manage intellectual property as a profit-center. Licensing, new business opportunities in domestic and global markets, and the ability to deter new participants from entering the clients’ respective markets all represent methods by which the firm’s clients have realized positive gain from their intellectual property portfolios. Bakos & Kritzer has assisted in the global maturity of its clients, whether procuring patent protection on a new Internet business model, licensing new technologies, mitigating domain name disputes, handling trademark and copyright issues surrounding a client’s website content, or conducting a due diligence investigation of the intellectual property assets of a company planning to go public.