Bakos & Kritzer prides itself on running an efficient, yet effective opinion practice that includes tracking decisions that impact infringement and validity in order to provide the most current legal analysis. The firm specializes in the analysis of claim elements in light of a patent’s specification, prosecution history, litigation history and available cited and uncited prior art, in order to form a competent opinion as to whether a client’s targeted system or process infringes any valid patent claim. Every opinion is written, reviewed and executed by a partner with years of experience analyzing patent claims and forming opinions relating to the validity and infringement thereof. When the firm’s clients are in the unfortunate position of defending a patent litigation, Bakos & Kritzer’s opinion letters serve as a competent defense to a claim of willfulness, as well as a “road map” to a successful resolution of the litigation.

The firm also performs domestic and international intellectual property clearance analyses to assess potential infringement claims for pending or existing products and processes. When providing such opinions, the firm positions its clients for competitive success through opinion documents that are useful for business planning and risk assessment. The members of the firm are adept at exploring and developing “design around” options, when clients need to know the proposed technology is free of claims of infringement. Likewise, clients turn to Bakos & Kritzer for clearance opinions when launching new products or when requiring due diligence reviews.