Bakos & Kritzer manages domestic and international trademark portfolios for a range of personal and corporate clients among many different industries. The firm realizes the value of trademark protection for its clients and endeavors to carefully scrutinize each client’s particular objectives before proffering a trademark plan. In this manner, the firm is able to provide a cost-effective strategy that conforms to the specific needs of each client. It is clear that when properly registered and maintained, trademarks have tremendous value, and Bakos & Kritzer maximizes that value for its clients.

Messrs. Bakos & Kritzer have been extremely successful in obtaining trademark registrations and enforcing clients’ trademark rights in the United States and throughout the world, and have recovered trademarks and domain names from infringers and cyber-squatters, often without having to resort to litigation. The firm is proficient at handling matters before the United States Trademark Trial & Appeal Board. The members of the firm have successfully blocked registrations that would have impinged on its clients’ rights and successfully navigated oppositions to the registration of client trademarks.